Thursday, October 09, 2008

One Year Later by Sydney Nicole Paradise

A year ago today
i saw you finally lay down
eyes closed although puffy
hands folded over a stitched up chest
which my hand caressed in all
it's biological horrified glory

Just to let you know i care
flip switch and know today i lay
legs crossed near a box that holds
your remains

your short red hair
almond brown eyes
flecks of flesh, bone and organ
contained in a double sealed bag
boxed up in black water-proof casket
so if the world explodes you will
still be in tact.
kind of?

We layed your ashes with a Stonecold plant
and Grandma asked to make sure you were there
All of us grasped you in our hands
you which was once to big and alive to pick up

The breeze carried parts of you off
but i know dear twin, dear brother
that it was not you
it was just all the parts that we needed
to let go

because you sire are everywere
and that ash in it's bags and box
is just what it sounds like
it's just the baged box that
held your lovely spirit back
from being as alive as you wanted

I love you Nicholas I love you Twin
and i'm so glad i got to share a
womb with you
and i'm so glad you get to share
your soul with me.


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