Friday, July 06, 2007

Guess what I've been doing?

I have been surfing the craigslist personals in my spare time.

No, not looking for anything particular, just looking. It's a side of people I've never paid a lot fo attention to. Every buck of them I find a couple that *still* surprise me. One guys has posted about 4, all different, one "I've had a bad day and just want a hug" to "looking for a sissi boi to blow me...but I'm str8, so gotta be real sissy"...etc. ANd the pictures. Oh god, the pictures. This same guy, for instance. The hug one has him smiling, and him holding out a glass of something towards the camera, etc. They degenerate from there. Mind you this guy is like, 52 or something, and the is him, full frontal, in all his pale and wrinkly glory. *shiver* I can't say I was expecting to see THAT. It makes me really wary of what other mature gentlemen do with their spare time...I've been looking at everyone today sort of warily, as if at any given time they might whip it out in my face. *gah*

And I learned a few new acronyms (big deal, in my naive, non-personal-surfing past, I knew m4w, and that about it)

BBW - big beautiful woman (OH GOD...there would be guys who post crotch shots of the 300 pounds of glory they are looking to bone. *shudder*)

HWP - height weight proportionate. I like this one.
NSA - no strings attatched...i feel like I should have know that...

FWB - friend w/ benifits...I KNOW I should have know THAT

I mean. This shit is SO fun!
And this guy is 35 and wants to get laid. He said "No I won't send you a picture of my willy" and also "Have a peachy day"
I think he's my new hero.