Saturday, October 28, 2006

Wish Upon A Star

If I had one wish to wish tonight, I would wish for clarity.
Clarity to view my past with detatched calculation, to face my future with decision.
To understand what drives a soul to lose itself in work, in chores, in religion.

If I had two wishes to wish tonight, I would wish for you to be by my side.
To brace me when I need support, to hold me why I cry,
To watch the world turning round, to birth new life, to die.

If I had a third wish, to wish tonight, I would wish for a brand new day for the sun.
For with each dawn he tiredly climbs the horizon, depressed
Without hope of a different path, eternal dawn, noon, simultaneous, perpetual.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

We weren't ready yet.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

So, this is my little brother. He is possibly the coolest little brother ever, with the exception of my other little brother, who I am sure I will be able to relate to more as he gets older. They are both so cool I got them tattooed on my ankle. Yep. Sisterly devotion huh?

So apparently there isn't any reason for why he wanted to borrow a bunch of my clothes, but he says its always fun to dress up with me, even if he pretends its not. I have a couple of other times I tried to punk him out, I'll post those later, but I only met mild success.

My boyfriend says he looks like me when in this outfit...I am unsure of how to take that...either I have little-to-no fashion sense, or I give cameras thumbs-up a lot. Either reason is yet to be established as fact.

Think like a fish.

Well...blogs are the new pink, right? Well, the like-new, with a few scratches and nicks along-the-way sort of new. I...just want to be exactly like everybody else, you know? Safety in numbers, right? So, I'll go with the flow, just keep swimming, and try to avoid the monster sex predator sharks, shall I?