Monday, February 26, 2007

Handy Herbs and Spices

Fennel - antioxidant, antiinflammatory, aid for gas and indigestion, cancer preventative.

Garlic - protects against gastrointestinal and colorectal cancers, aged garlic helps prevent cardiovascular disease, contains loads of antimicrobial compounds

Thyme - immune system enhancer, may increase the amount of omega-3 fatty acids present in kidney and brain cells (this is a good thing), excellent antioxidant, antibacterial and antispasmodic properties

Cinnamon - good source of maganese, iron, and calcium, "works wonders for theat after-eating bloated feeling", lowers blood sugar when consumed daily (about a teaspoon), may reduce cholesterol and tryglyceride levels

Ginger - antiinflammatory and circulation booster, high in potassium, AMAZING for upset stomachs, not to exceed more than 10 grams fresh(or 4 grams dried) per day or "gastric upset" will ensue

Rosemary - increases blood flow to the brain (in ancient Greece, students stuck it in their hair while studying), anti-inflammatory, immune booster, good source of iron, potassium, and calcium

Cayenne pepper - Excellent source of Vitamin A (an antioxidant, in case you wondered), boosts circulation, fights infections, aids digestion, boost metabolism, pain-reliever (contains capsaicin, which kills the neurons that cause pain)

Cilantro - body revitalizer, counters indigestion, removes toxic metals such as mercury from the body (especially important after getting a tattoo involving green ink)

Peppermint - stomach soother (due to it's high concentration of menthol, which also soothes muscles), rich in nutrients (beta-carotene, vitamin A, and vitamin C), but can worsen heartburn, so don't use if you're prone.

Basil - antibacterial, antiinflammatory, contains both beta-carotene and magnesium. Picking up some basil essential oil and using about one percent oil to 99 percent water when washing fruits and vegetables (because it is an antimicrobial wonder), or put a few drops on minor cuts or scrapes

Tumeric - also known as curry powder, very potent antiinflammatory and antioxidant, activates cellular defense mechanisms in genes


At 3:24 AM, Blogger Aina said...

Yes! Herbs!
I'm glad you put garlic in there - note the part about antimicrobial properties... yeah? yeah? Aren't you glad I made you eat it in Europe?
Don't answer that.


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