Saturday, June 23, 2007

I am not entirely myself.

None of us are, really, no matter what anyone wants to say about nature vs. nurture.
Case in point, I suppose, for what are we but that which is created and shaped by our interactions with others? Innately, I belive, we are not really anything. Personality doesn't exist until it is created, by symbiotic relationships (side note, sybiosis is between two different species, right? hmm, apparently not the word I want just there, but as I cannot remember the pertinent substitution, it shall remain) OH (wait!) social interaction. Yeah. Phew. Sorry, major intense brain fart. A big, embarassing one that I could deny by careful deletion, but instead shall leave.

Golly, anyway. Moving on.

So, Nick gave me the tools to begin thinking about that sort of falsified concept that one is born with a seedling of 'personality'.

1. Personality doesn't exist until it is created, by the individual in question.
2. A personality can be created (huh? how can one create something out of nothing?)
3. Restatement of hypothesis : A collection of emotional responses that may be classified, albeit incorrectly, as personality.
4. Since it is a human definition, it is truth, but a supposed truth. I don't believe in human truth. Truth and fact are just another religion. Sure there is probably a kernel I agree with, as with all of them, but I take what I take with several grains of salt.

*By the way, side note, totally just took care of a dead mouse caught in the mousetrap in the attic by it's face, my family couldn't deal with it, so I hauled it's cute, mangled stinky lil' ass to the curb and tossed that shit!*

Yeah, I give up on the personality business I wanted to talk about, I'm too distracted now. Perhaps some other time. Perhaps not.


At 4:12 PM, Blogger BenBertin said...

in regards to people not being born with a personality - someone wasn't paying attention in philosophy class

At 4:12 PM, Blogger BenBertin said...


At 4:10 PM, Blogger Rae said...

mm. I'm amused you read that post. Poor thing. It was so scatted brained and crazy,and I was planning just about to start making sense, and then the mouse thing happened. Ah well.


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