Sunday, June 03, 2007

New Friends

Hm. Moving made me eager to form new connections. It took a couple of weeks, but now I have a small group of wonderful people to share my new life with. Here is Andre, who lived across the hall of our apartment building with his erstwhile girlfriend Lee and their friend/coworker/amazing person in her own right, Krista. I love him to death and he happens to be the first person I met on this side of the world, on moving day, no less. And we work together (also his doing), and go do fun things like camping and seeing Crater Lake and finding hot springs and going to the coffee shop. He lives on my couch right now. Which makes me smile.

This is Dre with no beard, which I have yet to see in real life, and this is Dre mostly how he looks at the moment, excluding the eyebrow ring. He's a big bucket of wonderful. Oh yeah. And he lives on our couch. And I work with him. And he can think.

Krista. Oh goodness. Krista lived across the hall too, and she's technically my boss, and she is similar to Sydney in some ways, and the complete opposite in many others. She is smart and funny and wonderful to be around. She has a lovely forthright manner and is quirky and sunny. (Yes, I've seen her a couple times otherwise, but I firmly believe her innate nature to be diamond-bright)


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